Monday, November 16, 2009

Ashland - November 2009

Ashland to visit Allie

Bill, Courtney and I traveled south this weekend to visit Allie at Southern Oregon University. We had a wonderful weekend. We arrived in Ashland around 4:30pm, picked Allie up at her dorm, and got all checked into our hotel.
Courtney introduced Allie to her mechanical nephew....Too funny!

We stayed at the Palm Cottages in Ashland. What a great place! This our new favorite place in Ashland and we won't be staying anywhere else. EVER! We had dinner at our favorite Chinese Restaurnt on Friday night and then came back to watch movies and hang out together. Our room had a really cute kitchenette in it and I made a fun breakfast on Saturday morning. Here is a picture of our kitchenette.

Hanging out in the room on Friday night!

Bill was resting while "babysitting" Courtney's class project! ha ha ha ha....Oh my.

On Saturday, we hit the mall in Medford and walked around for a bit. Then we rushed back to watch the Beaver / Husky game. (Sorry Billy....The huskies played a good game though)

Saturday night we went out to dinner at Beasy's on the Creek. It was a wonderful dinner!

Courtney's baby was pretty good through dinner, execpt he started fussing during dessert. Courtney had to hold the baby while she ate her brownie sundae.
What a good Mommy she will be someday!

However, after dessert.....a totally different story. The baby was screaming so Allie and Courtney had to find the braclet to scan his belly and quickly change his diaper. I don't know what was louder...the baby screaming or all of us laughing.

I'm really looking forward to Allie coming home on Friday for a week for Thanksgiving. Next Wednesday, my Dad and Linda will be here for Thanksgiving. It will be so nice to see them and we have some fun family time planned.

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Janna said...

lol I hate those dolls but I guess they are good birth control...
Whitney had one last year.

Cute pictures too