Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kaela's Choir Concert

Kaela's Fall Choir Concert

Kaela had her first choir concert on Tuesday night. First of all...She looked AMAZING! She was all dressed up in her new clothes, I flat ironed her hair and she did her own make-up.
What a doll!

Kaela was upstairs doing her makeup and I was downstairs. Then I hear Kaela yell "I'M CUTE!". I burst out in laughter and asked her again what she said. "I'M CUTE!". Yep, that's what I thought you said. Kaela has battled with low self esteem (as I'm sure most young teenagers do), so it's really nice to see this wonderful confident side of her.

Not only did Kaela look amazing, she sounded INCREDIBLE!! Out of all the singers at the concert, Kaela's beautiful voice was the one that stood out. She also had a little solo during the song "Song to the Unsung Hero".

Kaela and Papa Ray ~ Thank you for coming Papa

We are so proud of you Kaela! Great job honey!

Betsy's Farewell Party

We will miss you BOOTSY!

Our good family friend Betsy (aka - "RATBAG") moved away to Pennsylvania last week. She was originally from there, but has been living in Oregon for the past 14 years. She worked at Applebee's with Stacy and Stacy was her "first Oregon friend".

We all went out to the "Old Barn" on Saturday night and said goodbye to Betsy. We had a really nice time, but it was a sad night for us, but especially for Stacy.

Betsy, we have and always will value our friendship.
We wish you the very best and we promise to stay in touch!
We will miss you!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Clackamas Dance Competition

Allie's First Dance Competition of her Senior Year!

We went to Allie's dance competition on Saturday at Clackamas High School. I help do the make up for the team. Allie and I were up at 5am to get ready and get over to the school. Westview danced 2 dances...Jazz and Hip Hop. The first was the jazz routine to "Welcome to the Jungle". The girls did such a great job! We took 5th place out of 8 teams, but there was 1 judge that was particularly hard on us. The girls were a bit disappointed, but we just focused on our next dance which was in the hip hop category.

Here are some pictures of the jungle girls. So cute!!

Senior Captains...........Allie & Ellie

The hip hop dance was so AMAZING! In fact, I'm having trouble coming up with the words to describe how incredible it was. Here...Just watch and see for yourself. Allie is the girl with the black hair on the far left of the screen.

See...I told ya!

Westview took 1st place with this routine. When the announcers reveal the winners, the captain get to come up and accept the plaque or trophy. It was so cool to watch Allie go up and accept the award. I felt so proud of her! Here are some pictures of the hip hoppers. Their boots were donated by Doc Martens. These boots were the icing on their outfits. They looked amazing!

Getting the 1st place award!

And finally, here are our Westivew fan shirts. I just love this picture. It was so great that Alex was able to come home from college and watch the competition with us.
It was a long day so that is what I call LOVE!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008
It was such a quiet Halloween this year. Allie went down to Southern Oregon to visit Alex. Matthew stayed the night with a couple of friends, Kaela went to Rock Creek Foursquare with Collette and the girls were with their Dad. Bill and I passed out TONS of candy to the cute little kids in our neighborhood and watched a couple of movies. The candles were going and it was nice to have a little cuddle time with Bill.

Kaela dressed up as a "School Girl". She looked absolutely adorable and she said that this was the best costume that she has ever had. Very cute!

Allie had a great time down at Southern Oregon with Alex. He dressed up as Hugh Hefner and Allie was a bunny. A little bit racy, but she can pull it off. SO CUTE! Big Sigh....My baby girl is growing up so fast!

Matthew's Choir Concert

Matthew's Choir Concert & Solo

Matthew had his first choir concert last week. He did such a great job and had a really good solo. The guys looked FABULOUS in their tuxedos too!
I can't wait to get a copy of the CD and DVD!

Matthew was a HUGE hit at his concert! We are so proud of you Matthew!
You are so talented honey!