Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Dinner - Round 1

Happy Birthday to us!

Bill and I are very lucky that our birthdays are only 6 days apart. Same year even...Bill is only 6 days older than me. We love that we always get to celebrate our birthdays together! Last Saturday we had a family dinner at the Joe's Crab Shack. Mom and Scott took us out with Stacy & Kelle too.
The 6 of us always have so much together!

Bill and I shared the "Bucket for 2". It was really good. We got all ready in our bibs and got the crab crackers ready. We had roasted red potatoes, corn on the cob, snow crab, dungenous crab, and Italian Sausage. What a great meal!

Thanks for a great dinner Mom & Papa!

After dinner, we all went to the Portland City Grill for a Spanish Coffee. This restaurant is on the 30th floor of the US Bank Tower in Downtown Portland. The view was incredible.

Enjoying our Spanish Coffee

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Joey & Chandler


Here is a great picture of our dog Joey and our kitty Chandler.They are such good "friends", however today Chandler was totally sticking his tongue out at Joey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alex's boyfriend is off to college

Boy Alex is off to college
We have come to affectionately call Alex's boyfriend, "Boy Alex". So now we have "Boy Alex" and "Our Alex" aka Allie. Anyway, he is leaving for college tomorrow morning. He will be going to Southern Oregon State University for 1 year. This change is going to be really hard for Allie. She is really going to miss him. His college is about 5 hours away....quite the road trip if she wants to go visit him. Anyway, they have vowed to stay together. Alex will be coming home for all of Allie's special events including Homecoming, Holidays, Allie's birthday, Prom etc...

After Allie graduates in June, they are both planning to go to Oregon State University together next fall. Allie wants to be an elementary school teacher. I really hope that these two can work it out and stay together. I know that the odds are not there, but their determination is......

Good luck "Boy Alex"!
We wish you a fun-filled year at college!
See you soon!
Here are a couple pictures of Alex and Alex

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tyler's Football Game

Go Skyhawks!
I would like to introduce you to Tyler Michael Mr. Johnson Mr. Butthead!

My nephew has got to be the cutest thing on this planet!!! By the way, that introduction is what he used to call himself when he was like 5 or 6 years old and it just kinda stuck. Now all the kids call him that!

We went to Tyler's game last weekend and they beat Westview! I know...It's hard for me to vote against Westview, but for Tyler...I'll do it! Tyler did really well and had a great pass! A great "complete" pass. The ref needed some new glasses...thats for sure!!

We are so proud of you Tyler! Way to go sweetheart! Auntie and Uncle Billy love you very much!

Nonna Emilia's Dinner


We went out to dinner last week with the kids. We went to Nonna Emilia's which is this great little Italian place in Aloha. They have a very authentic atmosphere and this guy that goes around and plays the acordian. My favorite song that he sings is "Feed the Birds" from Mary Poppins. What a fun night that we had together!

Our 2nd favorite song that he did was the "Chicken Dance". I just love this picture of Allie and Kaela doing the chicken dance. Too funny!

The portions at this restaurant are simply amazing! Matthew got a Calzone and his face was just priceless when they brought it to the table! 1 week later, over half of it is still sitting in our fridge. ha ha

Bill and Angie

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I came across a great picture of Matthew! Check this out ~

Matthew is heading off to New Mexico on September 25th for a Cross County Meet. No, he doesn't have to run there....ha ha....

He is taking a flight with a bunch of other kids from his Cross County team. His foot injury is doing much better. He has been doing some aqua therapy with the Westview trainers to get him ready for New Mexico.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Cross Country Meet of the Year

Matthew's XC Meet

Matthew had his first cross country meet today against Jesuit. Matthew woke up so excited to beat Jesuit. He was even singing this morning about how they were going to crush them! Matt ran the 5K today. Basically they run 3 times around the course which is approximately a mile each lap. Matthew was off to a great start! We watched him come around after the first lap and he was looking good. As we started to look for Matthew to come around the 2nd lap,
we noticed something strange.....
Bill and I were rushing around the field trying to find out what happened to him! We were starting to get pretty worried.
It turns out that when Matthew was running through the "wet lands",
he lost his footing and rolled his ankle.
One of the trainers came out to get him and said that he will be OK.
He needs to keep ice on it tonight.
Matthew was SO disappointed that he couldn't finish the race. He had been looking forward to this race all week. And for this to happen during the first race was really frustrating for him.

Luckily, he has the whole season ahead of him. We're just glad that he is going to be OK.
What a scare!

Before the race.....

The lap before the injury.....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September Sun and Tacos!

Pool Time

We had a great time at the pool on Sunday. Mom and Scott came over to hang out with us.
I can't believe that this summer is going by so fast!
It was a great day!

Here is a picture of Bill and Allie in the pool

What a cute picture of the "Love Birds"....AWWWW

After the pool, I made some yummy tacos.
I just love this picture of 4 out of the 6 kids.
We missed you Jalen & Courtney!

Allie's First Football Game


Well, it's once again football season! Allie will be dancing at all of the half time shows at the Westview home football games. We are so excited because the team looks really good this year! Wow...These girls are all so pretty!

He is a picture of our team captains this year! From left to right

Josie - Junior Captain

Delaney - Junior Captain

Allie - Senior Captain

Ellie - Senior Captain

Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Teenager Driving!



Matthew got his permit a few weeks ago. He has been doing a little bit of driving and Bill says that he does a really good job. He has been practicing on the Neon and Matthew is really looking forward to fixing it up that car with his Dad. Matthew turned 16 last March, but he will have to wait until January to get his license. Oregon law says that you have to have a permit for 6 months before you can get your license and you also need to have 100 hours of drive time with a parent. It will be nice when Matt can drive on his own so that he can take himself to school. Allie has late arrival this year, so she will be driving herself to school after Matthew already needs to be at school.

3 down....3 to go....

I'll go ahead and say it again!

Life moves really fast.