Sunday, November 05, 2006

What a busy day!!


We had a very busy Saturday. Kaela was cheering today at Sunset High School. It was a very rainy day and not only were the parents freezing to death, the poor little cheerleaders were freezing their little pom poms off! It was the first game that we had to break out the little ponchos (also known as plastic trash bags with hoods)!

Allie was off to her girl friend Megan's sweet 16 party tonight. Allie, Molly & Kelsey got all dolled up and went off to the M.A.C. Club for dinner and dancing. The girls looked so great. It was almost like it was homecoming all over again. Allie started asking what she was going to do for her sweet 16 party. Yeah, I'm scared! We'll just have to see....but I'm glad she fun tonight!

Then there's Bill at home finishing the remodel on our living room and dining room. We have torn out all the carpet and changed it to hard wood floors. It's all done!! Finally!! It looks so good! We've got the new floors, new furniture and the new TV! It's like a whole new house. Just in time for Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Halloween!!

We had a fun halloween! Taylor and his girlfriend Hillary came over for dinner. We had yummy beef stew, watched movies and passed out candy for the trick or treaters! Allie stayed the night with a friend and Matthew & Kaela went to their Mom's for the evening.

Kaela dressed up as a hippie. I put about 70 little braids in her hair the night before and then Bill had a field day with the orange hair spray! YIKES!

Allie dressed up as Ragedy Ann or "Ragedy Allie" as we affectionately call her. She didn't go out trick or treating but went to a Halloween party last weekend. She said that she had a great time at the party!