Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This is "Jack" in Jack Frost. He is an 8' snowman that we built a couple of weeks ago when we had a wonderful surprise...3 inches of snow!! The kids had 2 days off of school and we had 2 days off of work. We had so much fun with the snow boards, sleds, hot chocolate, & cozy winter nights.

Joey managed to walk out on the frozen pool until we yelled at him to "get off of there"!! CRAZY POOCH!!! ....But then he warmed up pretty well with his hat.

The kids had a great time on the sled. Bill was pulling them behind the Expedition (very carefully, I might add). They had a blast.

Kaela's face is priceless! This is what pure excitement looks like! You gotta love her!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

MORP 2007

MORP is PROM spelled backwards. It's a cute way to say semi formal Sadie Hawkins dance. Matthew was asked to go by his friend Jenna. Allie decided to go with 3 of her friends. The entire gang came to our house as a meeting place and so that we could take some pictures. Matthew & his group went to Chevy's Mexican Restuarant for dinner. They had a great time and the server said that she had never seen a nicer group of kids. Allie & her friends went to Newport Bay. Then they all went off to the dance. It was a really fun night. It was great to see all the kids dressed up and looking so sharp!

Happy New Year 2007!!

We had a nice dinner out at the chart house with Matthew, Kaela & Allie. We REALLY wish that Taylor, Jalen & Courtney could have been there with us, but they went to an all night party with their youth group at church.

Even Joey got festive for New Year's Eve. We had Tyler over and did fireworks right at midnight. It was a nice evening at home with the kids. We hope that everyone has a happy 2007!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We took a family road trip on December 26th to California to visit Grandpa Schroeder. He has a very aggressive form of Leukemia and only has a few more weeks with us before he goes to heaven. My Grandpa is an amazing man who was very involved with education. He was principal of my Mom's junior high school and then became superintendent of schools. It was so nice to take the kids down to visit him. For a 10 hour car ride, the kids did exceptionally well. In fact, do I dare say that it was "fun"?