Wednesday, January 10, 2007


We took a family road trip on December 26th to California to visit Grandpa Schroeder. He has a very aggressive form of Leukemia and only has a few more weeks with us before he goes to heaven. My Grandpa is an amazing man who was very involved with education. He was principal of my Mom's junior high school and then became superintendent of schools. It was so nice to take the kids down to visit him. For a 10 hour car ride, the kids did exceptionally well. In fact, do I dare say that it was "fun"?


Grandma & Pa said...

Grandpa says to tell you he loves you and was so glad you were able to come down to see him. We love you G & G

GGH said...

You made Grandpa so happy with your visit. He talked often about how much he enjoyed our yearly campouts. It is so nice to have such wonderful grndchildren and great grandchildrn. You are all fantastic.