Friday, November 23, 2012

Matthew's Marine Graduation

Matthew's Marine Graduation
November 20-21, 2012


 Matthew DID IT!  He made it through Marine Boot Camp!  (There was never ANY doubt!)
What a blessing it was for us to be able to go to San Diego and watch his graduation. We drove down with Allie and Kaela.  The weather in San Diego was so amazing!  Blue skies and temperatures in the 80's!  

This is one of the first times that we saw Matthew.  His Drill Instructor is in the yellow shirt....YIKES, He looks TOUGH!!

Tuesday was family day.  Matthew was able to have about 6 hours of liberty with us.  We had a nice lunch at a restaurant on base.  We did some shopping, we hung out, Matthew ate 4 protein bars, and we took lots of pictures!  It was great  to hear all about boot camp and how hard they push the new marines!  Marines are NO JOKE! 

Matthew, Bumpa and Grammy -  So happy that they were able to make the trip down too!

Matthew and Daddy...Bill is so very proud of his son! 

Carlie and Matthew - They were so thrilled to see each other.  She wrote Matthew 75 letters during the 3 months that we had been gone!  That's true love!

Graduation was on Wednesday and again the weather was gorgeous!  We all piled into the grandstands and watched with great pride as 6 platoons of new Marines marched out on the parade deck.  It was so impressive to watch and a little surreal to be there! 

Fox Company, Platoon 2131
Bill, Matthew and Me.  We are proud parents!
I love this picture of Daddy and Matthew! 
Kisses for Grammy!
Matthew will be home until January 1st.  At that time, he will go back to Camp Pendleton in San Diego for about 3 months for school.  After that it's Missouri for another round of school.  By then we should know where he will be stationed.  

We love you, Matthew!  Congratulations!  We are so proud of you!