Thursday, July 30, 2009


Summer is in full effect!

During this heat wave, we are thankful for:

  • Central Air Conditioning
  • A nice pool in our neighborhood
  • Popcicles
  • Family to make memories with

Monday, July 20, 2009

July Birthdays 2009

Happy Birthday to Taylor, Alana, Jalen & Courtney!

What a fun weekend! Bill, Allie and I took off Friday and headed down to Ashland to register Allie for college at Southern Oregon University.
We had a fun time...minus the 100 degree weather! Allie will start school in late September, so she still has some time to enjoy her summer and get things purchased for her dorm room.


We planned a birthday party on Sunday for Taylor, Alana, Jalen & Courtney. Since the weather has been so great lately, we decided to have their party down the street from our house. We have a great covered area with picnic tables and a big lawn area. Bill grilled up some hot dogs and I made a really good pasta salad. And of course the famous Costco cake with cheese cake filling.

Happy Birthday Jalen & Courtney

Jalen, Bill, Brandon, Kelle & Allie...Enjoying Kelle's home made Salsa! Thanks Kell ~

Bill grilling up some great dogs!!

My Sweet Jalen

Stacy and Tyler

Alana, Tyler, Stacy, Kelle, Brandon & Taylor

Jalen, Allie & Courtney

We started a really fun game of Frisbee Golf after lunch.
It was great to watch the game and everyone had fun playing!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Sweet 16 to my twin girls!

Happy Birthday Jalen & Courtney

Jalen and Courtney are 16 years old today.

"I love you girls so much and my prayer is that you will
have a wonderful year full of family, love and happiness!

Jalen Marie
July 17, 2993
7lbs 8oz

Courtney Jo
July 17, 1993
7lbs 9oz

I just love this picture of the girls with my Mom...(Nana)
You can never have too much lovin' ~

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylor Christian!

My baby is 20 years old today!

Taylor Christian
July 12, 1989
8 lbs 13 oz
20 1/2" long

You are the joy of our lives
We love you very much Tay!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Golfing Fools!

4th of July Golfing Extravaganza!

Over the long 4th of July holiday, it was golf, golf, and more golf around here! On Friday, Bill took Allie golfing at Wildwood. She LOVED it and found out something very interesting....SHE WAS REALLY GOOD! Bill said that she was "a natural". Now that she was bit with the golf bug, they went back again on Saturday to McCay Creek. After golfing, we had a nice BBQ with some amazing burgers that Bill grilled up. The kids headed off to Oak Hills to watch the fireworks with their friends and Bill and I tucked into bed with a movie. I am NOT a big fan of fireworks, so it was a perfect night for me. I think fireworks are pretty on the TV, but other than that, they pretty much scare the bajeebers out of me!

We have been missing Matthew and Kaela! They went to visit their Mom down in San Diego on June 22. They are coming home in a couple of weeks! We are so excited to see them...but only for a couple of days. 2 days after they come home, Matthew leaves for Cross Country Camp and Kaela leaves for Camp Crestview with her church youth group.

Here are some pictures of Father's Day when Bill went out with Matthew & Taylor.
Golfing Fools, I tell ya!

We hope that everyone is having a nice summer!