Monday, July 20, 2009

July Birthdays 2009

Happy Birthday to Taylor, Alana, Jalen & Courtney!

What a fun weekend! Bill, Allie and I took off Friday and headed down to Ashland to register Allie for college at Southern Oregon University.
We had a fun time...minus the 100 degree weather! Allie will start school in late September, so she still has some time to enjoy her summer and get things purchased for her dorm room.


We planned a birthday party on Sunday for Taylor, Alana, Jalen & Courtney. Since the weather has been so great lately, we decided to have their party down the street from our house. We have a great covered area with picnic tables and a big lawn area. Bill grilled up some hot dogs and I made a really good pasta salad. And of course the famous Costco cake with cheese cake filling.

Happy Birthday Jalen & Courtney

Jalen, Bill, Brandon, Kelle & Allie...Enjoying Kelle's home made Salsa! Thanks Kell ~

Bill grilling up some great dogs!!

My Sweet Jalen

Stacy and Tyler

Alana, Tyler, Stacy, Kelle, Brandon & Taylor

Jalen, Allie & Courtney

We started a really fun game of Frisbee Golf after lunch.
It was great to watch the game and everyone had fun playing!

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