Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just a day in the life.......

Just a day in the life of parenting teenagers.....

Our children are very productive busy people. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT complaining, just thought that I would give you a glimpse into our crazy life by sharing some details of our crazy night last night. Bill and I both worked all day. Immediately after work, I drove over to Westview High School to help with Allie's dance clinic by selling Westview boxers. After that I ran home to pick up the camera and then meet Bill for a quick bite to eat. We went to the Streets of Tanasborne...Hot Topic to be exact. Matthew was doing an "open mic" raw performance in the store. It was great! Matt and his friend James played about 6 songs to a packed store. They sounded so professional. Matthew is truly talented with his music and we were 2 proud parents standing there listening to him.

We had to leave the performance a tad bit early to race over the high school and watch Allie perform with the kindergartners and 1st graders at the half time show of the basketball game. It was such a cute performance. I had to leave as soon as the dance was over to take Allie to the airport to catch a flight to Southern Oregon University so that she could spend Valentine's Day with her boyfriend Alex. I drove Allie to the airport in her car.....however****

At the airport, there was a little bit of drama with some of the liquid items that Allie had her in bag. In all of the excitement, I left the keys to MY car in the tray at airport security and didn't realize this until I met Bill back at my car. We called the airport and they had my keys, but they said that if I didn't pick them up that night that they would be taken to the Port of Portland and I wouldn't be able to pick them up until Tuesday. UGH...That wasn't going to work, so Bill and headed back to the airport to pick up my keys. It's close to midnight by this point and we were so exhausted!

Luckily, Kaela spent the night with Aunt Cherie who transported her around to her Valentine party with the youth group. It's true what they say...It truly does take a village to raise children.

****Oh and some good news!
Allie was accepted to
Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.
So, officially she will be flying the coop in August.
She will major in Elementary Education.
We are so happy for her as she embarks on the
next phase of her life! ****

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Valentine Caramel Apples?

Valentine Apples?
I know...Typically caramel apples are for fall time, but Kaela and I threw out the rule book and decorated some caramel apples Valentine style. We will still do Valentine cookies like we do every year, but this was a fun little twist.

Kaela and her masterpiece!

Matthew and Kaela with their eyes on the prize! Mmm Mmm Good!

Ladies Day to Wine

Ladies Day to Wine

What a fun day! I had the opportunity to go wine tasting with my sister-in-law Kelli and our friend Tressa last weekend. It was the 5th annual "Ladies Day to Wine". We met for lunch at the Grand Lodge in McMinnville. Then 63 women boarded a school bus and headed off for an afternoon of wine tasting. We started off at Elk Cove where we loved their Mt. Richmond Pinot Noir. Next stop was Montinore Vineyards, where Kelli, Tressa and I had so much fun hanging out by the fireplace, enjoying a bottle of wine, and snacking on cheese and crackers. Our third and final stop was at Schaeffer Vineyards. This winery had the cutest little Christmas shop. We browsed around and looked at tons of beautiful little ornaments. It was such a fun day. I'm looking forward to this being an annual tradition for us.

Tressa, Kelli and Angie

Kelli heading back to the bus.

Tressa and Kelli