Friday, July 23, 2010

The incredible shrinking woman!

Down 40 far

As I am losing weight, I am gaining a healthy life and a new perspective on my future. AdvoCare has really helped me slim down and have the energy that I have been lacking. I feel better than I have in years! If anyone would like to have some help losing a few pounds or gaining some energy, please let me know! Click here for our website so that you can learn more about AdvoCare.


Lordy, Lordy, Look who's 40!

Happy Birthday to Bill's brother Wayne who turned 40 last weekend. Jaylin threw Wayne a wonderful party! The highlight of the party was the fire dancers at the end of the night! These dancers were simply incredible and it was amazing and a little bit scary what they did with fire!
It was a great party! the grill! The food was wonderful!

Me and Jaylin

Me and Bill = True Love

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taylor is 21 years old!!

Happy 21st Birthday Taylor!

Taylor turned 21 this year. Taylor is such a geniune person. He cares so much about his family and has such a sweet spirit. We love you so much Tay Tay!

Me and Taylor

Taylor and his step-mom Christina

It doesn't seem possible that I have a child who is 21 years old. We had such a fun birthday party for him last weekend. It was a CASINO themed party!

The Birthday Group

Me, Courtney, Jalen, Stacy and Allie

Kami, Jalen, Courtney and Aaliyah

We rented a casino table for a big game of Texas Hold Em!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Success School June 2010

AdvoCare Success School

JUNE 25-27, 2010

Yes, those are all cowboy hats!

Bill and I were so blessed to be able to attend Success School last weekend in Fort Worth, Texas! Wow! What an incredible weekend with a room of 4000 champions. Friday night was the "Kick Off" with fun music, inspiring testimonies, DREW BREES, and the introduction of new Pink Lemonade Spark.

Me and Melanie at the Friday Night Kick Off

"The Alaska Girls" new friends!


AdvoCare's National Spokesman...Superbowl Champion, DREW BREES!

Saturday was spent with wonderful training and fun in the product store. We bought some cool shirts, bags, and of course, Pink Lemonade Spark!

Bill and I stayed in Texas an extra day to take in some Texas sun at the pool. We also went and had a good Texas dinner at the Texas Roadhouse! It was a amazing trip.

We will be heading back to Success School in February! We are so inspired to share our story with everyone. How much weight we have lost, how much energy we have and how we are on our way to financial freedom.

Click HERE to see our website about AdvoCare! Contact me if you are interested in losing weight, gaining energy and changing your life!