Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taylor is 21 years old!!

Happy 21st Birthday Taylor!

Taylor turned 21 this year. Taylor is such a geniune person. He cares so much about his family and has such a sweet spirit. We love you so much Tay Tay!

Me and Taylor

Taylor and his step-mom Christina

It doesn't seem possible that I have a child who is 21 years old. We had such a fun birthday party for him last weekend. It was a CASINO themed party!

The Birthday Group

Me, Courtney, Jalen, Stacy and Allie

Kami, Jalen, Courtney and Aaliyah

We rented a casino table for a big game of Texas Hold Em!

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Sabrina said...

What a great party for Taylor, Angie! You are the best Mom EVER!