Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 25th Anniversary, Dad and Linda

Celebrate Good Times! 

Bill and Courtney at Breakfast
Papa Jeff and Courtney  (Notice the matching shirts)
We had an amazing weekend celebrating my Dad and Linda's 25th wedding anniversary! We road tripped it down to Sacramento with the kids.  We had 4 cars going down at the same time!  Stacy, Mike and Tyler in one car, Kelle, Branden, and Kacey in another.  Jalen, Courtney and Allie in a car and Kaela, Bill and me in a car!  Wow!  What a caravan going down I-5!  No, nobody mooned anyone while driving...that wouldn't be like our family at all!!  ha ha...(Stacy)...shhh
Dad and Linda both received their very first pedicure!  They loved it and I think they are now hooked!
12 pedicures in the same afternoon.  Our family had the BEST looking feet the party!  Thank you Dad and Linda for the pedicures.  What a fun experience and memory with our family!
Bill and my cousin Chef Paul
There are not enough words for this picture!  Allie was a "Dancing Queen" at the party.  She even managed to have a dance contest with some of Papa Jeff's friends.  It was a blast watching the dance floor clear so that people could watch Allie.  It was totally hilarious!

Mike and Stacy
 The party was held on an old sternwheeler boat called the "Delta King" in Old Town Sacramento.  We had a lot of fun getting all dressed up!

I love this picture of Mike and Stacy.  Almost as much as I love the picture of me and my sweet sister! 
Me and my Sissy

Papa Jeff and his "girls"!  And let's not forget my little grandson in this picture!  Jalen looked so elegant and she is such a gorgeous pregnant woman! 

Me, Dad and Stacy

Sympathy Pains, Courtney?? ha ha

Their champagne cake was beautiful and it was really tasty too!

Happy 25th Anniversary!  Here's to another 25 years together!!

Kaela and Daddy dancing

Me, Linda and Stacy!  Linda is such an amazing step-mom.  Stacy and I are very lucky to have you in our life, Linda!