Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camping 2008

Camping with our family - 2008

We had such a great time this past weekend! We went camping with in Olympia, Washington with Bill's family. It was so great to see everyone. We took up 5 camp sites with campers and tents. We had fun playing horseshoes, 500, texas holdem', baseball, swimming, bike riding and of course eating! Everyone made delicious food for the potluck each night!
Here is a picture of all of the 2nd cousins. It was hard to make a real tall pyramid, but you get the idea...
Parker and Matthew had fun playing guitar and providing us with hours of camp fire entertainment! If they get a record deal then this could be the picture on the CD cover....ha ha! Thanks boys! You both are so talented!

Here is a picture of everyone having dinner at our potluck!
What a good lookin family!!

Poor Matthew had to eat his corn on the cob with a knife because of his braces. Hang in there buddy! Only 6 more months left and I will make you all the corn on the cob that you can eat!

A HUGE thanks to Mom and Dad for bring their "Home away from Home". They have such a beautiful trailer and it made camping so much more enjoyable for those of us who weren't that excited to be roughin' it.

Bill and his cousin Brian

Matthew made me a crown out of pine branches and dandalions. Thanks sweetie!

After a fun game of horse shoes! Bill & Kaela

It was great to have Alex's boyfriend Alex with us. The kids had a great time swimming in the pool at the camp ground. I know what you are all thinking....Swimming while you are camping? I know...We really had it rough

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July Birthdays 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor, Jalen & Courtney

We had a birthday party for Taylor, Jalen & Courtney on Sunday! Taylor turned 19 on July 12th and the twins will be 15 on July 17th! Stacy, Tyler and Papa Scott were able to come over and help us celebrate. Taylor's girlfriend Alana's birthday was Sunday too! Happy birthday Alana!

We had BBQ burgers and hot dogs. It was a really hot day, so we had root beer floats instead of cake for dessert. Of course there were cupcakes too!

Taylor will be moving into his new apartment on Wednesday. My baby boy is all grown up. For his birthday present, we got him some new dishes for his apartment. It looks like Taylor will be having some fabulous tea parties with his new dishes. Ha ha...yeah right..Who am I kidding. At least he has his pinky up...He's so proper.

I can't believe how fast the girls are growing up. They have been studying to take their drivers permit test. They are going to be sophomores in the fall. Life goes really fast! *Big Sigh*

Chloe was ready to PARTY!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Allie's Senior Pictures!

We had Allie's pictures done at Moutainbrook Studios a few weeks ago and we got the proofs back yesterday! Only 1 word comes to mind immediately..... GORGEOUS!

I'm gushing with pride today! I want to show them to everyone! With every senior event that takes place with Allie, I'm feeling the little pings of sadness that she will be graduating this year. Life moves so fast, so it's important to try and slow it down and enjoy moments like this.

Also, she is a "rep" for this studio. This means that we get a discount on our portrait package if she gets some of her friends to go there.

Happy 4th of July!


We had a very nice 4th of July! We went over to Mom & Scott's house for a BBQ with Stacy, Tyler, Matthew, Kaela, Allie, Taylor and his girlfriend Alana. Papa Scott made the most delicious ribs. We just couldn't stop talking about them (and eating them) ha ha

Alana, Taylor & Allie...Nice bib Tay (you will always be my baby boy)

After the BBQ, we went back and did some fireworks with Kaela. Of course, all of our other busy, social teenagers went off with their friends to go watch the fireworks. Although fireworks are not my favorite thing in the world, we still had fun with Kaela.

Bill & Kaela

We have been housesitting again for my in-laws for the past 4 days. They had a wonderful opportunity to go to Alaska and visit my father-in-laws daughter Cindy. They went fishing a caught a couple of really good looking halibuts. Mmmmm....Can't wait for dinner over at their house!

Taylor & Matt had a good time writing songs on the piano.

And of course, the 3 cockers....They are waiting ever so patiently for their treats! Katie, Joey & Stewart. Joey just loves going to Grammy & Bumpa's house to play with his cousins!


I have a new summer job / 2nd job at Curves! I'm so excited! For those of you who might not be familiar with Curves, it is a womens only gym that incoporates cardio and strength traning on a curcuit. It's a fun 30 minute workout! This is going to be a great way to get in shape and make some extra money. I will be working through the summer until I go back to work at the school on August 11th. After that date, I will continue to work a few nights and weekends. It's going to be so great to get in shape! YEAH ME!