Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alex's boyfriend is off to college

Boy Alex is off to college
We have come to affectionately call Alex's boyfriend, "Boy Alex". So now we have "Boy Alex" and "Our Alex" aka Allie. Anyway, he is leaving for college tomorrow morning. He will be going to Southern Oregon State University for 1 year. This change is going to be really hard for Allie. She is really going to miss him. His college is about 5 hours away....quite the road trip if she wants to go visit him. Anyway, they have vowed to stay together. Alex will be coming home for all of Allie's special events including Homecoming, Holidays, Allie's birthday, Prom etc...

After Allie graduates in June, they are both planning to go to Oregon State University together next fall. Allie wants to be an elementary school teacher. I really hope that these two can work it out and stay together. I know that the odds are not there, but their determination is......

Good luck "Boy Alex"!
We wish you a fun-filled year at college!
See you soon!
Here are a couple pictures of Alex and Alex


Eden said...

Nice story!! Well best of luck for your college, hope you will have a trip back to home soon.

Janna said...

they even (sorta) look alike.