Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Cross Country Meet of the Year

Matthew's XC Meet

Matthew had his first cross country meet today against Jesuit. Matthew woke up so excited to beat Jesuit. He was even singing this morning about how they were going to crush them! Matt ran the 5K today. Basically they run 3 times around the course which is approximately a mile each lap. Matthew was off to a great start! We watched him come around after the first lap and he was looking good. As we started to look for Matthew to come around the 2nd lap,
we noticed something strange.....
Bill and I were rushing around the field trying to find out what happened to him! We were starting to get pretty worried.
It turns out that when Matthew was running through the "wet lands",
he lost his footing and rolled his ankle.
One of the trainers came out to get him and said that he will be OK.
He needs to keep ice on it tonight.
Matthew was SO disappointed that he couldn't finish the race. He had been looking forward to this race all week. And for this to happen during the first race was really frustrating for him.

Luckily, he has the whole season ahead of him. We're just glad that he is going to be OK.
What a scare!

Before the race.....

The lap before the injury.....

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