Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009 and a baby

Halloween 2009
(and some baby time, AKA....Heaven!)

Christie, my friend for the past 15 years, had a baby on October 27th. A beautiful little girl named Aaliyah. She weighed 7lbs, 3oz. and is a total doll. Christie came home from the hospital on Friday after a C-Section. Since Christie's husband is working on a fishing boat in Alaska, Christie, her son Devin, and Aaliyah spent the whole weekend with us. It was simply glorious. I really wanted Christie to have some time to rest and get pampered. So I basically held the baby all weekend, filled her water bottle, made food and enjoyed visiting with my wonderful friend. Like I said...Simply Glorious. They will be coming over again this weekend for a little R & R at the R & R. (Rest and Relaxation at the Ryan Retreat)! But seriously, I am loving having a baby around. I love the sense of peace and calm that I get when I hold a baby.
What an Awesome weekend!

Halloween was fun. We stayed home, dressed Aaliyah up in her little pumpkin outfit and handed out candy to the little kids. Kaela had a friend spend the night and Matt's girlfriend Carlie came over to help take Devin out trick or treating since his Mama was resting after giving birth.

Devin and his new baby sister, Aaliyah

Matthew and Carlie....His costume gave me nightmares. Ewww! Scary!

Allie spent her Halloween weekend down at school and had fun dressing up with her friends. Alex was a doctor and Allie was a nurse. A sexy nurse....If anyone can pull this outfit off, it's Allie.

Alex and Alex....My little girl is playing doctor! Waaaa....Lord, help me!

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Jaylin said...

Matthew's costume cracks me up...was it too clown-like for Bill? Allie's costume....quick, someone lock that girl up! ;)