Monday, November 09, 2009

Busy Weekend

Life is good!

We had a yet another great weekend with the Christie, Devin and the Baby at the Ryan Retreat...ha ha! I love having them here. We played video games with Devin and watched some good movies. We ran to the store with Devin while Bill sat with Aaliyah.
So, Bill was Aaliyah's 1st babysitter.

Sweet Little Aaliyah

Devin is such a proud big brother. And such a good helper to his Mommy!

Aaliyah holding Jalen's finger

Mmmm.....A "Devin Dessert"

On Friday night Jalen & Courtney had some friends over to get ready for the high school football game. They looked so cute all dressed in green. As the girls left for the game, Devin said that it reminded him of a parade. Yeah...He was right on! Although I equated it to a female tornado.

During our outing to the store on Saturday, it was raining so hard and the streets were starting to flood in certain neighborhoods. It's was CRAZY!

On Sunday, I had a little party at my house for "Southern Living at Home". They have really cute things for your home. I made it a tea party with cucumber sandwiches, muffins, and scones. It was a great excuse for me to pull out all of my teacups.

Courtney got her "baby" today. She is taking a child development class and she has to take care of a mechanical baby for a week. It's actually really amazing how far schools have come from the egg baby or the flour bag baby. She named him "Maleke Jamal Schaefer Ryan Yocum". The baby will cry throughout the day and night and Courtney needs to take him everywhere she goes and either feed him, burp him, change him, or rock him back to sleep. It's comical watching her try to sush a plastic doll. The computer in the baby will record how she does and that is how she will get her grade for this project. She will be a professional Mommy when the week is done.

Courtney and Maleke

Auntie Lindsey, Mommy, and Auntie JayBug

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