Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Once again...Another successful Ryan, Schroeder, Johnson, Yocum Thanksgiving! Dad and Linda made the trek up from Southern California to spend Thanksgiving with us. They arrived on Wednesday night and we went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We always have such a good time together.

Thursday morning was spent hanging out and watching the Macy's parade while Dad prepared our Thanksgiving Feast! I just love this picture of Papa Jeff with Courtney!

Turkey Time! As tradition served, Bill and Dad put the Bird on the Barbie. Bill had the turkey in a wonderful brine for 2 days so the flavor of the turkey was fantastic!

The finished product! Mmmmmm

My Thanksgiving Table

Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner with our family!

Dad and Linda! Thank you so much for everything! It was wonderful to see you guys! We had so much fun with you. Dad, dinner was amazing (per the ususal)...It it even possible that your Thanksgiving dinners get better and better each year. Yep, I think so!

Allie and Aaliyah
Allie didn't put the baby down all day! I had a beg and plead to be able to hold her. :o)

Bill and I were so honored to be asked by Christie and Patrick to be Aaliyah's Godparents! I have never had a God child before, and to be asked by them was so wonderful! Thank you!

Christie and Patrick
What an adorable couple!

Hanging out with my BFF, Christie! I love you my friend!

Bill was gearing up and getting ready for bowling on Friday by playing Wii. Ok, we all practiced a bit hoping to improve our bowling scores. I should have practiced more, because on Friday....I was terrible! I don't know what happened? I used to be a good bowler but now...forget it! Next time, I'm using the bumpers.

Bowling with the family on Friday. Good Times!

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