Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teenagers and Relationships

Oh, the drama of it all....

With 6 teenagers in our family, there is bound to be drama with boyfriends / girlfriends. As parents, one of the hardest things is to stay the heck out of it. I have a tendency to get "sucked in" to the on again, off again, on again, etc....It 's a very tough thing to watch your child struggle with issues around relationships, and the sadness and hurt that go along with that. I know that we have all been there and had to find our own way. I know that our children will go through this process and learn what they need to learn so that they may have healthy adult relationships. I have faith that God will lead them and help teach them. That is my prayer.

I got to thinking about healthy relationships and what that means to me.

1. Listen to each other. Good communication is key to a healthy teenage relationship. Heck, it's healthy for all relationships. When you can share your feelings with your partner without the fear of him or her laughing at you, there is a comfort and security that goes along with that. So, if something is bothering you, talk about it with your partner. Make sure that there are no mis-communications, so that no one feelings get inadvertently hurt.

2. Trust and Honesty are key. Trust and honesty go hand in hand.

3. Sometimes it's difficult to keep your identity. It can be hard to separate yourself from your partner. But if you want to have a healthy relationship, remember to keep your own identity. Do your own thing sometimes. Go to the mall with your friends without your boyfriend. Or, catch a baseball game with your pals without your girlfriend. Do not give up the life you once had to be with the other person.

A teenage relationship should be fun and exhilarating. I hope that our kids can have fun with their relationships and be happy! Afterall, life is too short for anything else.

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Sabrina said...

Great post Angie. You are a great Mom!