Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Powder Puff 2008

Jalen & Courtney's Powder Puff Football Game

Bill and I got all bundled up tonight and headed out to the girls' powder puff game. There were 4 teams. The juniors played the freshmen and the seniors played the sophomores. Jalen & Courtney are sophomores and their team lost to the senior girls. Then the sophomores played the juniors and they won by a final touchdown....scored by COURTNEY!
It was a good game...
What a fun night!

Before the game, the girls had a good huddle with their big brother Taylor! Oh, and all the girls had #11 on their shirts because that is the year they will graduate. It made it really hard to follow the girls out on the field! We were just rooting for #11...!!!!

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Janna said...

looks like fun