Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homecoming - Round 2 with Matt & Allie

Homecoming 2008 - Alex & Alex

Allie and Alex looked amazing all dressed in blue. Alex came home from college to go to the homecoming with Allie. They went to dinner at Chang's Mongolian Grill.
Allie said that they had a wonderful time!

Awww..What a cute couple!

Kaela, Courtney, Allie & Matt!

**After taking pictures of Allie and Alex we rushed off to
Matt's girlfriend's house to take pictures.

Homecoming 2008 - Matt & Carlie

Matthew and Carlie looked stunning all dressed in red and black. They were going with a group of kids to Chevy's for dinner and then off to dance the night away.

Matthew's homecoming group

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Janna said...

Busy busy!

& they are all a bunch of cute kids.