Sunday, October 19, 2008

Father / Daughter Dance

Bill's final Father / Daughter Dance with the
dance team....*TEAR*

So, I believe that I warned everyone that as the dance team events started happening this year, we were going to be a big pile of mush as we are realizing that this is our last year with Allie and the dance team. Bill danced the Father / Daughter dance with Allie on Friday night at the Westview Homecoming game. The theme of the dance was "Born to be Wild". It was a great dance. They all dressed up like rebel bikers and hit the football field at half time. Allie and Bill were right in front.

Bill is still trying to get the tattoo off of his arm...ha ha

Allie, Lauren & Kerren....BAD TO THE BONE
Wait...They're too pretty to be bad :o)

I just love this picture of Matthew and the school mascot....The Wildcat!

Thanks for coming to the game with us Courtney! It was a fun night!

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Janna said...

what fun memories!