Monday, October 06, 2008

Birthday Dinner - Round 2

Happy Birthday to us (again)

What a fun weekend! We had a great family dinner at my in-laws house last night. Earlier that day, Kelle surprised us with a great birthday present. I came downstairs to find this....

There is a cute little Beta fish in the bowl named "Sally Banana".
Kacey Lee helped us name her. Thanks Kelle for the fabulous present!

Our family....minus Taylor :o(
Taylor is in Indiana visiting some friends, but it sure was great to have 5 out of 6 kids there!

Mommy & her girls

Grammy made 3 different kinds of soup, a great salad and some rolls. It was a wonderful dinner. The kids all had a great time dining together.

Stacy, Angie & Kelle


Janna said...
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Janna said...

It looks like you had a fun birthday!
I remember some of your parties in 8th & 9th grade... I even tried to dig up an old picture I have of us from way back when & I wanted to post it on facebook, but I could not find. When I find it, I'll post it.