Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

I love how our family is growing.  A rare family picture when the kids are all together.  Matthew and Carlie came home from North Carolina for Christmas.  Taylor was home from Alaska and Jalen and Nathan were home from Everett, Washington.  Such a special holiday to have our family complete.
The only way to make the above picture better is to add both sets of Grandparents, my sister and Tyler.  Gosh, I love these people!  
As tradition serves, we found a $15 tree this year.  We couldn't find a $10 tree that we liked, but hey...$15 dollars for a HUGE tree isn't too shabby! 

We got a new couch for Christmas!  Thanks, Santa!
Bill and Jalen are busy little elves wrapping presents and getting ready for Christmas morning. 

Merry Christmas from Maverick!

Auntie Allie and Maverick
It was so great to see Matthew and Carlie and our new grand puppy, Lola

Taylor is home from Alaska after being away for over a year!
My oldest baby!  Home for the holidays

Nana and Taylor

I love the times that we can all sit around the table and catch up with each other.  I love how close our family is.
Matthew and Courtney

Maverick's new Tigger Toy and Olaf chair
The Ryan Family opening their gift from us

Carlie, Matthew and Bill

Kaela, Courtney and Kyle

The Bratton Family

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