Friday, December 20, 2013

Nathan is HOME!

Our sailor has returned! 
(Just in time for Christmas!)
Our daughter Jalen and her husband Nathan have been apart for the last 9 months due to his deployment.  It has been very difficult for her raising Maverick as a single mom while he has been off serving our country on the USS NIMITZ.  Yet, Jalen has been so strong!  She is an amazing mother and loyal wife.  Nathan has missed his family so much!  I can't imagine leaving your child when he is almost 6 months old and not seeing him again until he is 15 months.  Missing his first steps and his first birthday among so many other firsts.  Our military families sacrifice so much for the freedom of our country.  It makes me so proud of Jalen and Nathan's service! 
Jalen made the cutest sign for Nathan's homecoming!

He's HOME!!!!

Their 2nd first kiss.  This picture couldn't be more perfect! 

A family reunited!  Yes, I stare at this picture for hours.  Yes, it is framed in my house.  Yes, it will be something that Maverick will share with his children and grandchildren.  A picture for the ages.

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