Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer in Portland 2013

There is NOTHING like summer in Portland! 

What an incredible summer we have had in Portland this year!  It's been in the mid 80's almost every day!  Living on the river with our boat has made it so very easy to get out and enjoy the summer.  We have taken the boat out for little tootles, down to Island Cafe for lunch, down the Portland Waterfront to watch the Dragon Boat Races, and out for many afternoons just to hang out and enjoy our time together.  

This is the Marina where we live.  We are the 4th house on the left.  We are so blessed to live in such an amazing area!
This was taken at the Waterfront in Portland. The Dragon Boats were going on and they were blast to watch!

Mt. Hood was so clear as we headed to lunch at Island Cafe

Out for a little boat ride in the early morning.  The weather was a little iffy.  It didn't rain on us at fact within 1 hour it was clear and blue skies.  Gotta love Oregon!

A great deal of my summer was spent on our back deck, drinking pink lemonade and reading a good book!
Time to put the boat in the water for summer!

This little guy was lost and looking for his family.  He was really friendly and came right up to the boat and climbed on board.  We found his family and reunited him!  I named him Henry.  Haha

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