Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy Birthday!
Jalen, Courtney, & Taylor

Jalen - 20 years old
Courtney - 20 years old
Taylor - 24  years old

Okay, wait....when in the world did I become the mother of a 24 year old?  Seriously!  

We had a great birthday party for the kids over at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  Bill and I bought a delicious Tri-Tip Steak and Wayne smoked it all day for the party.  It was so delicious! 

Jaylin and I had fun making cute little cupcakes that I found on Pinterest.  (Yes, I'm a Pinterest junkie)

We ended the evening with some backyard time making s'mores, talking, laughing, and enjoying family and friends. 

Taylor is still in Alaska, so we had a basket for him for his gifts.  I sent him a big birthday care package!

Taylor's Box

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

We are so proud of these cupcake masterpieces!

My sweet Maverick

Thank you, Wayne for the perfect Tri-Tip


We called Taylor on Skype from Alaska so that we could sing Happy Birthday to him!

S'MORES!  Perfect Day!  Oh, and don't you just love little Aaliyah's face.  That pretty much sums her up these days!  Ha ha

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