Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Joey was getting into the holiday season with his new candy cane bone! 

Our Tree with the presents all ready to go! 

Bill's Prime Rib was a huge hit!  Delicious!!

Christmas Dinner :) 
I love that all of the kids are together and enjoying each other's company. 
There was a lot of laughter from this little table!

I love my family!

Tyler...You're cute!

Ha ha...I really love this picture!  It shows how silly we all are.  Wow, that's alot of treats too! 

Taylor, Mike and Tyler

Courtney and Allie :)

We all played the game "Quelf" on Christmas night.  It is such a funny game!  We laughed so hard that at times, I couldn't breath.  Kaela had fun playing and laughing with the family!

Kaela and Papa...It's hard to explain, but Papa is sitting on "Santa's" lap and telling her what he wants for Christmas!  Too funny!

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