Friday, December 02, 2011

Civil War 2011

Ducks and Beavers and Huskies...

We had our very first party at our new house.  We had some family and friends over for the Civil War game!  It was so nice to see everyone and show some of our friends our new home! 

Jalen and Jordan on our back deck.  They are such good friends!

Taylor, Cassie and Cassie's Mom.  It was nice to finally meet her! 

Allie and Jalen

Jalen and Tyler

Taylor and Stacy

Our friend from High School, Adam, with his son and daughter

Husky Fans!  (The Apply Cup followed the Oregon Civil War Game)

Jalen, Jordan and Allie

Jalen, BK, Allie and Kaela

Jalen and Mommy

Allie and her friends from High School

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