Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wounded Warriors

This picture sums up one of the most difficult days in our lives. Oh, where to begin....

Jalen was playing in a tournament a few weeks ago in Newberg. She had a game on Sunday morning and during the 6th inning, she slid into 2nd base and tore up her knee. It was swollen and bleeding and looked pretty major. We took her to the emergency room and did some x-rays. The doctors suspected a torn meniscus. They prescribed some pain medication and sent us away with a brace on her leg and some crutches.

The problem was that now the softball team was down a player and asked Courtney to wear Jalen's jersey and play in the 6pm game. Courtney was happy to do it. During the game, Courtney was playing 3rd base. She had a runner on 3rd, and during the play, the first baseman threw a line drive to 3rd and it hit Courtney right in the eye. As she went down, I could NOT believe what was happening. Both of my twin girls were injured in the same day, playing softball at the same tournament!!! Courtney's eye was bad and she was in so much pain. Yep...another trip to the emergency room.

Courtney was put on Morphine and they sent us home with a referral to see a specialist in 5 days. According to the x-ray, it looked like she fractures some bones in her face. After seeing the specialist, the determined that she had a blow-out fracture to her obital wall and that she would need surgery to help re-build the bones around her eye.

Surgery was successful and her eye will heal without any permanent damage. Praise God!
You know, the craziest part of this whole thing, is that my girls have played softball for 13 years and nothing has ever happened to them. What a total FLUKE!!

Balloons from Grandma

Courtney recovering

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