Sunday, January 03, 2010

A snowy surprise


It must be a difficult job to be a weather man! A couple of weeks ago, I was certain that we were going to wake up to snow. I had gone to the store and stocked up on food and we were all prepared for a winter blast. Nothing! Not even one little tiny flake! GRRR.....I was bummed out, but moved on to Christmas.

Then last week, Bill was at work and I was at home and it started snowing! There was NOTHING in the news or the weather report about snow, so we were shocked! Bill was up in Washington doing some work, so I called him and told him he better start heading home because it was getting bad in Portland! This was around 2pm. Let's just say that a trip that should have taken Bill 90 minutes to get home took him almost 6 hours! The city was snow shocked! I'm just thankful that Bill made it home safe and in one piece.

I had fun at home taking pictures with Joey and praying for Bill to make it home safe. The kids were all safe inside, so no worries there.

The snowy view from my kitchen window

Joey checking out the snow

Our home in the snow

Our backyard

Joey in the snow....He loves the snowy weather! little snow princess!

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