Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Powder Puff 2009

Jalen & Courtney
Powder Puff Football Game 2009

We went to watch the girl play in the homecoming Powder Puff Football game last night. It was so much fun! The girls are Juniors this year so the first game, they played the Freshmen.

Juniors 24
Freshmen 6

Woo Hoo!! Then they played the Sophomores who were the winners of the Seniors and the Sophomores game. The lost the last game in overtime!! The score was 6-0. Big Bummer! But the girls had a great time and they looked adorable! Even under all of that face paint!

We've got spirit! Yes, we do!
We've got spirit! How 'bout you!!

Stayed tuned for Homecoming 2009 this weekend! There are some fun homecoming activities coming up. The parade, the dance, and photos of "Princess Jalen"
(Junior Homecoming Princess!)

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