Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Courtney, Matthew & Larissa were Baptized!

Congratulations Courtney, Matthew and Larissa!

Sunday night we went to church and Courtney, Matthew and Larissa were baptized! It was such a special night and I feel so blessed that it was on my birthday!!

I love that our family is making life changing decisions when it come to their walk with the Lord. These kids are AMAZING and I love to watch them when they don't think I'm watching. It's AWESOME to see how caring, generous, helping and loving they are towards each other and their friends.

Congratulations! We love you and will do whatever it takes to support your decision.

Courtney being Baptized!

Matthew being Baptized!

Larissa getting Baptized!

We hope that you enjoy some more wonderful pictures from an AMAZING night!
Praise God!!

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