Thursday, August 06, 2009

The fair is in town!

Washington County Fair 2009

We had a great time with Allie and Jalen at the Washington County fair on Sunday. We rode some rides, played some games, and even shared a deep fried Snickers Bar.

(Yeah, I know...Calories Galore)

Here are some pictures from our fun day together!

Bill and Allie actually went on this ride not once...but twice! Allie had this look of fear on her face accompanied with a high pitched scream!

About to take off....I can't believe they even sat in the front row!

Still Smiling!

I went on the Sea Dragon with Allie and Jalen. I have to say that it did go a little higher than I thought it would. My stomach was in my throat. Ugh...

Can you see us? We are sitting in the 2nd row from the back. What were we thinking?

We survived!

Jalen got a really cute "Henna" Tatoo.

Jalen & Allie

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