Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Summer Fun!

We had the best weekend!

All of the kids were together...
Which I LOVE

We played at the pool, ate yummy food, and played wii until we were too sore to keep playing.

Taylor and Kaela made wonderful strawberry shortcake for everyone! It was a perfect dessert for a sunny 85 degree weekend.
Thanks guys!!

The finished product!

One of our favorite things to make are Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos! They are beyond good. All I do is take a jalapeno and cut off each end. I clean out the seeds and some of the insides so they don't burn your mouth off. I stuff them with cream cheese, wrap them in bacon, put them on the skewers and BBQ. Sometimes we will just have these for dinner with a salad. Perfect!

Stacy came over and did Kaela and Allie's hair. They both looked adorable even though I only took a picture of Kaela. These kids are so lucky to have an auntie that does such a good job with their hair.

We have some temporary visitors at our house these days. These cute little birds built a nest up on our porch. Now we are just waiting for the little baby birdies to come.

However, there is a downside to this circle of life..........


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Amie said...

i randomly found your blog and saw the Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos with cream cheese. my question is how did u keep the cream cheese from melting out? they sound AMAZING!!!!! im going to make them soon. please e-mail me back if you can at
thank u so much amie