Friday, June 19, 2009

Graduation Whirlwind Weekend

Allie graduated from High School ~

Last weekend was a great graduation weekend! It started on Thursday when Dad and Linda came into town from Southern California. We went to Tyler's baseball game and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. Dad and Linda had never been there, so it was fun to eat tons of wings and watch the Lakers win the NBA finals!

Friday we went to breakfast at the Marriott City Center in Downtown Portland. We had a great breakfast with the kids. After some rest, we had an early dinner and then we all headed down the Chiles Center at the University of Portland for the ceremony. It was AWESOME watching Allie walk out and accept her diploma! There are not enough words to express the pride that we felt. After the graduation, Allie went off to her all night graduation party!
She was at the party until 5am and said that she had a wonderful time!

Alex and Alex

Alex and Joey

Courtney, Allie and Jalen...Proud of their big sister!
Dad and Linda with Allie
Grammy & Bumpa with Allie
Aunt Stacy and Tyler with Allie

Saturday we had a great time at Tyler's championship game at Alpenrose Dairy! He played a double header and won both games and the championship! It was so exciting! Not only did they win...IT WAS A BLOWOUT!

20-0 Woo Hoo!!!
Me and Jalen enjoying the game
Tyler and his 1st place metal - Congratulations Tyler!

Dad and Linda with Tyler

Sunday was the graduation brunch. We had such a wonderful time! We had a catered brunch with a coffee cart (and the most AMAZING peach smoothies), and a quesadilla cart. The food was really good and we received tons of compliements on the party! We had our true family there as well as close friends with us to celebrate.

Thanks for the glasses Kelle Poo Poo! Allie LOVES them! Ha ha...
Our yard sign!

Here is our sign in table with our graduation fortune cookies! Thanks to Mom and Scott for helping me put all of the favors together! And thanks to Dad and Linda for taking the kids to a movie to get them out of the house! :o)

Instead of a guest book, we had everyone sign the photo.
Allie said that she is going to hang it in her dorm room.

Coffee Cart....It was perfect!
Kelle, Kelli and Kacey fixing up their quesadilla! Kacey Lee...What a sweet smile!
Alex and Alex
Mom and Scott enjoying the party!

Allie is off to Southern Oregon University in August. I need to rest up for 3 back to back graduations! Matthew will graduate next year, and the twins will graduate the year after that. We will get only one year off and then Kaela will graduate in 2013. Yep....I'm exhausted!

So, now that you are on complete picture overload, I will leave you with just 1 more. I wanted to share a picture of my family that I just love. My parents are divorced and both have been remarried for many years now. I just love that my parents and step parents are able to all get together and have a good time. We had a hilarious time looking at old pictures with everyone! Not alot of families are lucky enough to have their divorced parents get along so well.
I feel very lucky!
In more ways than one.

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Daisy said...

Hi there,
I thought I should give a little intro since I just added myself to your follow list. I'm a mommy of twins also..4yr olds. I'm sure you know how that is. Of course, it's always great to find other twin mommy's out there and you especially...your are almost grown..!!
What an accomplishment. I'm signed in under my coupon blog but I would love to put you on my must read list.
BTW - love the graduation set up, just gorgeous.
Hope you all are having a great summer!