Thursday, April 02, 2009

Happy 14th Birthday Kae-bella

Kaela is 14 ~

After we left Grandma and Glenn, we drove into Seattle and went to the Space Needle for Brunch with Kaela for her birthday. She had never been there before, and she LOVED it! We made it around 2 full circles in the spinning restaurant! Kaela had a really good French Toast with Devonshire Cream, Bill had stuffed chicken, and I had Dungenous Crab Eggs Benedict. AMAZING! We were so stuffed when we left, but Ohhhh so happy!

For dessert we ordered the Lunar Orbiter dessert for Kaela. What a sight! It was a very memorable birthday for her. And for us too!

Happy Birthday Kaela! We love you very much!!
Can't wait to celebrate your 15th birthday at the Space Needle again!

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