Thursday, April 02, 2009

Family Photo Shoot

A present for my Mom's birthday.....

Our 6 kids

We got together with Stacy, Kelle and all of the kids on Sunday to have a little family shoot. Our goal was to put together some pictures of our kids for my Mom's birthday.
These are Nana's Grand-Babies.

Taylor, Allie, Matthew, Jalen, Courtney, Kaela and my nephew Tyler

Funny Kids.....Such a great picture!!

**Stay tuned for pictures of my Mom's birthday celebration at the Chart House. **


Janna said...

how fun! I love the picture on the top the best

Rae said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! They are so grown up and still ADORABLE (I am sure that they would all LOVE to hear that LOL)Looks like you have your hands FULL? I am sure they are all good human's (well teens anyway - even Taylor isn't out of his teens yet, not for another couple of months)!!!! Very cool that you all went to Seattle for Kaelas bday...we went up there in September and had a BLAST...

Brent Hatherill said...

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Deanna said...

Oh these are some really great shots... I think I may need to borrow this idea with our 6 kids!!!