Monday, June 17, 2013

Kaela's Graduation Party! 

Under the Sea!  That is the theme that Kaela wanted for her Senior Graduation Party.  The party was held at our next door neighbor's house on her back deck.  It was a perfectly beautiful day with the sun shining bright!  

We had a lot of family, friends and Kaela's friends at the party.  We served food that went perfectly with the Under the Sea theme.  Such as, Sushi, Shell Pasta Salad, "Fish and Chips" (Goldfish and Potato Chips), Ocean Water, Submarine Sandwiches, Seaweed Spread and a BIG Shark Watermelon, Named "Bruce" from Finding Nemo!

It was a great party!  We are so excited that graduation is right around the corner!  Congratulations, Kaela!

"Fish and Chips"

Submarine Sandwiches

My sister-in-law and I made yummy cupcakes with molded chocolate shells!  Thanks, Jaylin!

Sushi - Kaela's Favorite and perfect with her theme! 

Seaweed Spread - Also known as Spinach Dip
"Hello, My name is Bruce"

Ocean Water

Personalized Water Bottles

I had a great sign made from Oriental Trading for only $15!  I love that website :)
I found some HUGE balloons at Oriental Trading.  They were perfect for Kaela's theme!
The Seahorse!

View from the deck

I made favors for the guests that said "Shark Infested Treats" and I filled them with Swedish Fish and Gummy Sharks. 

I had a great time hot gluing shells on a letter K for Kaela.  Guests put their cards in the HUGE shells and signed the little graduation dog. 

Some of Kaela's guests enjoying lunch

Thanks for coming to Kaela's party!

Kaela, our silly graduate!

Courtney and Maverick having a little nappy!

Bill took some of Kaela's friends out on a boat ride

Joey is the captain of the boat!

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