Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Matthew & Carlie's Wedding

Introducing....Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ryan

Question:  What do you do when your son calls you up and says "Mom, Dad. I will be home tomorrow and Carlie and I would like to get married on Saturday!"

Answer:  You put it in high gear and put together an amazing wedding in 6 days!!

So, that's exactly what we did.  We love that Matthew is in the Marines, but with that comes an element of uncertainty.  We wanted to give Matthew and Carlie the best wedding for them, and we learned that when our family and Carlie's family comes together, we can accomplish just about anything. 

Bill and I had the rehearsal dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  It was a nice evening with our friends and family.  After a busy week of wedding planning, it was nice to get our families together before the big day.  

Father and Mother of the Groom

Matthew and Grammy

Matthew, Carlie and Carlie's little brother, Ryder

What a great night with everyone! 

The wedding was held at Rood Bridge Park in Hillsboro.  It was a beautiful day for our son to marry his high school sweetheart and true love.   It is such a blessing to know that your son and new daughter in law will always love and support each other through thick and thin.  Matthew is going to make a great husband!  Matthew adores Carlie very much.  Carlie is totally in love and dedicated to Matthew.  She has supported him through many of the ups and down of life.  She also is very supportive of his military life and career. 
Sister LOVE!  Allie, Matthew, Courtney and Kaela

Me and Matthew

Our son is married!  We are so happy!

The beautiful cake

Maverick and TuTu

Matthew is waiting very patiently for his bride

The vows

The kiss!

Matthew and Kaela

Jalen, Matthew and Courtney

Cake Cutting

Just a little cake for Matthew's nose :)

The first dance

Allie put Maverick to sleep. 

All of our kids....Except, Taylor.  We miss you, Tay!!
Bill and I were fortunate enough to be able to send Matthew and Carlie on a 4 day Hawaiian honeymoon before Matthew had to leave back to Missouri.  We surprised the kids with their honey moon a few days before the wedding.  We also took them to the airport the morning after the wedding.


Off to Hawaii!  Congratulations, Matt & Carlie

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