Friday, January 11, 2013

Taylor's Moving to Alaska!

Good Luck in Alaska, Taylor! 
We will miss you!
Our son Taylor moved to Alaska last week.  We have such mixed emotions about this move.  On one hand, we are happy for his to move with his girlfriend, Stacy and work on his career in the medical field.  On the other hand, he is moving so far away that we will really miss having him around every day!  I know that it's a part of life, but it's still hard.
Taylor is moving to a little village on St. Lawrence Island, called Gambell.  There are about 700 people there.  Taylor's girlfriend, Stacy teaches 2nd grade and Taylor will be working at the health clinic in Gambell.  Taylor said that it's a big adjustment for him to live there.  There is a little store there (however, it's really expensive!).  There is a little airport, post office, school, and health clinic. 
We hope to see Taylor this summer, but until then, we are relying on Facebook, Facetime, and Skype.
Here are some pictures of Taylor and Gambell.
This is a picture of Taylor and his tiny little village behind him.

Taylor's EMT group made the local paper!  Good Job, Son!

Taylor and Stacy keeping warm in the freezing cold temperatures! 

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