Saturday, May 07, 2011

Anniversary Getaway

Happy 12th Anniversary to US!

Bill and I had an amazing weekend celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.  We went back to where we were married and it couldn't have been more perfect!  We were married on at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  Bill's friend owns a great cabin at Government Camp, so we went for the entire weekend of "US TIME". 

The Living Room
The view from the back window

The Kitchen

This is where I sat and read my book!  It was heaven!

This is the front steps to the house

The Back Yard

Bill sledding the back yard! 

I took this picture from the couch in the living room!  
It was a beautiful weekend.  Sometime, you just need a couple of days to reconnect and love on each other.  I love you Bill.  You are an amazing husband and father!  I feel lucky everyday to be your wife!  Here's too many more happy years together!

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