Friday, June 04, 2010

Allie's Home from College

Allie is home from her 1st year of college!
Congratulations sweet girl!

All packed up and ready to come home

Bill and I took a big road trip last weekend to pick Allie up from college. It's about a 5 hour trip each way, so it was about 10 hours in the car. Bill and I had so much fun singing songs, laughing, talking. It's was like a perfect 10 hour date! :o)

Allie had a good year at college. It was an adjustment for us and for her to be so far away from home, but Allie said that she thought it was good for her. She said that she really grew up a lot over the past year. However, she sure was ready to come home! And we are ready to have her home!

Allie's dorm is all cleaned out! It sure does look different!

Allie has so much money left on her meal card! Since we won't be able to get that money back, we decided to go to the food store and go on a shopping spree! It was really fun, just grabbing snacks and food to take home with us. Here is our big haul!

Our raid of the Southern Oregon University Store! Snacks for the summer!

Now that Allie is home, she is looking for a job and hanging out with friends that she has missed while away at college. She will be going to Portland State University next year!

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