Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Jalen & Courtney = Softball Super Stars!

We have really enjoyed going to the girls' softball games lately. The weather has been unpredictable..(hey, we live in Oregon), but we have managed to have some pretty nice days to play some softball. Jalen & Courtney's grandparents shared some wonderful pictures with us that they took at the last couple of games. "Thanks Donna, Dave and Bob!"

These pictures really capture how AWESOME our girls are.
We are so proud of them!

Courtney at bat...ready to knock one out of the park!

Courtney sliding into 2nd (Look at that form!)

Courtney pitching (I love this picture!!)

Now please allow me to brag about Jalen....

Jalen catching the ball from Courtney

Jalen sliding into 3rd (Time to get dirty!)


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