Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 3 of the Ryan Spring Break

Seaside, Oregon

For day 3 of our extravaganza, we packed up the troops for a day at the beach. We went to Seaside which is a little over an hour away from our house. We brought along our huge OSU kite! It was a perfect day to fly the kite, but it was probably a little too windy. The water was freezing....typical for the Oregon Coast, but I still managed to put my toes in the water.

Bill and Jalen getting kite airborne

Hanging out on the windy beach

Seaside has a great arcade in the middle of the town. We played there for more than an hour and had a great time! They had the "Deal or No Deal" game and we spent most of our moolah on that game! Allie won the top prize of 200 tickets TWICE! Jalen won 200 tickets and so did Larissa!

After the arcade, we HAD to stop and get some salt water taffy. The seaside candy man is always out on the corner of the street singing "The Candy Man Can" and handing out taffy. Everyone can spin the wheel for a chance to win free prizes.
We didn't win. :o)

We walked around a little bit and stopped to get an elephant ear! They have the BEST elephant ears on the planet. My favorite is the one with bavarian cream and chocolate! Totally sinful and totally worth it!

It was a great day!! Now we are off to have fun with day 4!

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