Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Evil Stepmother

This fairytale of mine isn't always birds singing as I float around in my ball gown petting the small animals.

Not even close to real life in a blended family. This is HARD! Add teenager issues into the mix and you end up with a not so happy household sometimes. I love my family very much but sometimes I feel fed up, unappreciated and disrespected.
I know that all Moms have this feeling at times,
but today is a rough day in the life of this evil step mom.

Things I will work on this week:

  • Biting my tongue
  • Supporting my husband in his parenting style (which is totally different than mine...not better or worse, just different)
  • Look for opportunities to try and be helpful not hurtful

Please pray for me....**Deep Breath**

1 comment:

Rae said...

Ang~ Just know you are not alone!!! Even though I don't have as many as you or am not a step-parent the whole "parent" thing is never easy... Just remember they will all grow up one day and appreciate those who Truly loved them enough to tell them the way it is... Tough love is just that... yes we have to stop and take several deep breaths and let go of some of the little things if not for them then for ourselves and spouses!!!
Never forget YOU R AN AWESOME AND LOVING MOTHER no matter to which children... tomorrow if God gives you another day take it for the gift it is and try to not to dwell on the past mistakes we all make!!!
Love To You and all of your Kiddos and Hubby!!!