Monday, September 07, 2009

Taylor's Baptism

Taylor was Baptized yesterday!

Yesterday was a GREAT day. We all went to our church, Solid Rock, and watched Taylor be Baptized. We are so thrilled that Taylor made the decision to take the next step of being baptized. It was a great day for our family. MY CUP RUNNETH OVER last night as I watched my son. Truly a life changing evening.

Enjoy the pictures!


Grandma Smith, Angie, Taylor, Grandma Donna & the kids' stepmom, Christina

Jalen and Allie

Courtney and Jalen with their sister Kami

Taylor and his girlfriend Larissa

Kaela, Matthew, Courtney, Taylor, Kami, Jalen & Allie

Taylor and Grandma Smith

Jalen & Mommy!

Bill and Angie


Rae said...

Oh Ang I am so happy for your family and Tay that he decided to be baptized !!!! When I saw the post I cried...each time one of our loved ones makes this commitment it brings tears of joy to my heart...AWESOME !!! My daughter Sydnie was baptized in Belize last month it was an overwhelming moment and of course I bald...the pics are on FB...Congrats again and tell Taylor way to go and we will be praying for him in his new life!!! Love to you all...let me know when you get settled into your new home...I will come by even if by myself but maybe it will work out to bring at least one of my offspring...
Always Rae

BK Thornton said...

Very cool...what a special moment for your family!

Sandra said...

It amazing to see this on a blog. I admire you and your faith in the Lord. I' sure it was a big step for Taylor.

I thought you should share this with the moms in the Portland community.