Monday, March 16, 2009

March Family Birthday Party

Taking care of 3 birthdays at 1 time!

Well, in case you couldn't already tell, March is a busy birthday month for us. Matthew, Allie and Kaela's birthdays are all in March. We like to do a big family party for the 3 kids all at one time. Otherwise, it's just too hard to get everyone's schedule to work. We had the party last night and it was great! What a great turn-out! We had almost 30 people in our house for dinner! Our house is a 2 story house and not huge by any means, so it was a little bit cramped but we managed. I ordered a nice rigatoni and stuffed tortellini from our favorite restaurant "Nonna Emilia's", then we had a Caesar Salad and some foccacia bread. The food was a big hit! It was really nice to have all sides of the family together.

The kids received some fabulous gifts and are so blessed to have such
wonderful family and friends.

The cake...It just had to be the Costco cake with the cheesecake filling. So so good!

Here are some more pictures from the party ~ Enjoy!

Thanks for coming over everyone! Our next big birthday celebration will be in July when we celebrate the birthdays of our other 3 kids....Taylor, Jalen & Courtney!

The State Dance Competition is next weekend, so be watching for pictures of that event.


Janna said...

Happy Birthday's

Sabrina said...

Wow! Kaela's birthday too this month! What super fun you guys seem to have, ALL THE TIME! Thank you SO much for sharing with us, and give everyone a hug for us!

Rae said...

Ang -
I can't believe Alex is allready 18! I remember when you and I sat aroung trying to come up with names for her LOL !!!!
I also remember when she was little and you made the trip to my apt in OC to let me watch her when she 2 and 3 she was such a little dark haired DOLL !!!
Time passes by so fast doesn't it? I am so happy to hear she is going to become a teacher that is totally awesome!!!!
Tell her CONGRAT'S on the birthday and her continued education !!!!