Sunday, February 17, 2008

Parkrose Competition

Allie's Fan Club!

Before we all went out the Parkrose Competition, we made T-shirts to show our support for Allie and her dance team. Taylor, Jalen & Courtney came over for the afternoon and we had a wonderful day. Bill made the cutest T-shirts for the girls.

Even the boys got all decked out to support Allie and the Westview Wildthings! They decorated their sunglasses with Westview. It was really cute! Allie is very lucky to have such wonderful brothers and sisters that love her and support her.

The Wildthings took 3rd place in the competition! Great job girls! Here are a few more pictures of Allie with her "fan club". HA HA....Today was a really good day! I love it when all of our kids are together.

What a great picture of Allie & Ellie ~ AIRBORNE


Janna said...

Cute kids/teenagers Angie!

& congrats on 3rd place

Kris said...

The pictures are so cute! Especially love the one of the C-Pop.